Just hanging around

Age: 27
Height: 165
City: Melbourne
It's great to to see belly dancing explained and demonstrated like that. I've never seen it done nude before, of course, but nude or clothed it always seems like a wonderful thing. I know several women who do it and they love it both as exercise and as bonding. You seem very skilled and have obviously been doing this a lot. I like it also because it seems to suit your body shape well - it looks natural to you in the same way as it does to lots of middle eastern women because you are not too thin and have lots of curves. You also have that nice earthy sense of humour that I think is often part of the spirit of dance amongst women. I loved your masturbation scene too. It seemed almost frighteningly honest. I always think that the beauty of sex lies in its honesty especially if one is watching. There was a rawness and truth in what you did that made it a revelation - also very erotic. I think it may be because you are a little older than most of the girls that you bring a sureness to it. I enjoyed that, so thank you.



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