Chloe B & Fae

This is really HOTTTT!!!~ I think this is sex as it was meant to be.... Truly uninhibited, pleasure seeking, and free. It is like they want to crawl inside each other. I wish this was how my sex goes, but no luck in finding someone as open as these two. WOW!!! :)

Just hanging around

Age: 27
Height: 165
City: Melbourne
It's great to to see belly dancing explained and demonstrated like that. I've never seen it done nude before, of course, but nude or clothed it always seems like a wonderful thing. I know several women who do it and they love it both as exercise and as bonding. You seem very skilled and have obviously been doing this a lot. I like it also because it seems to suit your body shape well - it looks natural to you in the same way as it does to lots of middle eastern women because you are not too thin and have lots of curves. You also have that nice earthy sense of humour that I think is often part of the spirit of dance amongst women. I loved your masturbation scene too. It seemed almost frighteningly honest. I always think that the beauty of sex lies in its honesty especially if one is watching. There was a rawness and truth in what you did that made it a revelation - also very erotic. I think it may be because you are a little older than most of t…

Julia B

Age: 22
Height: 173
City: Sydney

Lots of delicious shapes, angles, textures, looks, all combined with a delightful sense of anticipation and enticing revelation. Very seductive.


Very pretty girl. I love those pink knickers. Lovely body and not a bit shy about letting us have great views of her delectable pussy. I particularly like the shots where she holds her ass cheeks apart - what a wonderful sight!


Sitting behind Madelaine, Hania rubs her shoulders with her strong hands. Slowly touring her body, her hands squeeze her firm breasts before moving down and raising her skirt, uncovering her girly panties. Passionately undressing each other, Hania kneels before Madelaine and kisses her panties while grabbing her bum as Hania holds her head towards her.
Laying on her back naked, Hania kisses Madelaine as she moves her slender body on top of her. Moving her hand towards her bum, she gently presses her pinky inside Hania's anus, turning her on as never before. Sitting behind Madelaine, Hania rubs her foot against her pussy, while reaching out to her boob, before resuming the oral action in an ardent 69.

Beautiful Gretchen

Due to popular demand... The Beautiful Gretchen is back!!!
This is Gretchen's second mind-blowingly sexy solo shoot, and she really has picked up where she left off. Gretchen is a sensuous and very provocative girl that in her first shoot started to enjoy experimenting with insertions in the form of a smooth glass dildo. In this, her experimentation seems to have moved on; and in the kitchen there's plenty to try out and play with. Cute glasses and a sweet smile show her innocence, but her soft shyness eventually gives way to her powerful underlying kinky side!
In this shoot she moves from evocative play to experimental, spur of the moment insertions with utensils, and even all the way to wanting to pee all over the kitchen floor. Its a seriously sexy shoot that really shows off this all natural girls erotic side!

Curves in mini skirt

Age: 21
Height: 170

City: Melbourne
You can tell with the first look at Anne that is she an outdoors kind of girl; from the UK she's travelling around Australia with a friend. She's sun kissed with some really cute tan lines. Anne is definitely a beautiful young lady, lovely curves nice smile, things that make a lad want to stay a while.....